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A detachable, sturdy leather strap can be used to hang the speaker from hooks and doorknobs, or as a handle. Beneath the grilles, the Helsinki features a four-channel digital amplifier that feeds the dual 50mm full-range aluminum cone and neodymium magnet drivers, as well as the dual 60mm woofers with “flat sandwich” cones and neodymium magnets. The woofers are mounted back to back and also receive some help from dual passive radiators, while the full-range drivers fire through the front panel. These buttons are also the pairing zone for NFC-enabled devices. A button on the right panel controls power and pairing, and that’s it for controls. While it makes for a nice, spare look, some users will find the onboard controls lacking—there’s no way to operate playback or navigate tracks, and there’s no speakerphone function. On the back panel, there’s a connection for the included power adapter as well as an LED indicator for battery life. There’s also a 3.

BF/SF Pro Reverb

Using data compiled for The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide , we continue the celebration with a list of the 25 most valuable amplifiers — those that helped create the tones made famous by virtually every genre of pop music. Heady stuff if you ever have the rare, and unlikely opportunity to strap into one. It remains one of the most emulated designs on the boutique scene, while, at the other end of the spectrum, is still a popular DIY kit for players looking to sniff a little solder for themselves.

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This particular speaker has a date code of January At this time, Celestion was only supplying Marshall with Celestions with the green magnet cover, which is commonly referrd to as a Greenback Celestion speaker. In the early 70’s Celestion would also supply Marshall with G12M speakers having Cream, Black, and Grey magnet covers, in addition to the green. Some of these later G12M’s did have different speaker cones than the earlier Greenbacks and they do sound a little different i.

Notice the 15 ohm Impedance on the Pre-Rola speaker. They later changed the impedance rating to 16 ohms. In , Celestion moved there manufacturing facility to Ipswich Suffolk. They decided to change the label with this new designation. Although Celestion did begin to obtain speaker cones from an outside source after the move, the G12M’s made shortly before and after do not sound any different. Pre-Rola is more of a collectors thing, but the speakers sound the same during that time around Celestion G12M speakers came with bass resonance values of 55 Hz and 75 Hz.

25 Most Valuable Amplifiers

I promise the tables will still be there after you finish reading. We also received a report of a tweed 5G12 Concert. The 5G12 Concert is the earliest version from very late and early so the existence of a tweed example, while extremely rare, is certainly plausible since Fender was making lots of tweed amps during the same time period. Working at FMI — I was able to interview a fellow who wishes to remain anonymous who worked at Fender in in the amp department.

MARSHALL PARTS; CLOSEOUTS; Replacement Speakers for Vox Amplifiers. VAP – 12″ Celestion Alnico Blue A Reproduction JMI Speaker Sticker is included free with the purchase of every 12″ Celestion Alnico Blue. Celestion Alnico Blue Speaker – 8 ohms – Built in the UK- The famous Alnico “Blue Bulldog” is once again available.

History[ edit ] The 5B6 Bassman[ edit ] During , the Fender 5B6 Bassman amplifier was introduced as a combo amplifier cabinet that included the amplifier chassis combined with one 15″ speaker. It was designed to generate 26 watts at an 8 ohm impedance load, and offered a cathode-based bias. In the cabinet designs were changed to the so-called “Wide Panel” design, with a 5 inch wide tweed covered panel above and below a wider swath of grill cloth.

Fender ceased production of 5B6 Bassman amplifiers during the spring of The 5D6 was a major departure from the earlier 5B6 Fender Bassman model. The circuit had two innovations: No schematic for the 5D6 circuit has ever been found, but Ken Fox and Frank Roy have created a few from originals, and copies are freely available online.

Only 11 of these early 5D6 Bassman examples are known to have survived.

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Tips and How-To’s Marshall amplifiers made hard rock possible. While Fender and Vox amps have their place in moving electrified guitar forward, the creations of Jim Marshall fostered an entirely new sound and allowed guitarists to fill stadiums with it. Marshall amps had such precedent-setting wattage and tone that their history can hardly be separated from the history of rock itself.

We recently wrote an article detailing that rich history which you can read here , but for those simply looking to figure out how old their Marshall amp is, we offer this shortcut. The guide below will help you quickly and clearly date Marshall amps and cabinets, without us waxing poetic about their influence.

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1969 Marshall Model 1960 4×12 Cabinet

Last updated December 14, Note: The numbers below are for Hylight and Biacrown Hiwatt amplifiers only! Any serial number that begins with one or more letters was made in the 90s or later, and is not included in this list. Please note also that the speaker cabinet serial numbers used a different progression.

The Leader in guitar speakers, bass speakers, and pro audio loudspeakers. Great upgrades for JBL, Celestion, Jensen, and Fane.

Thu, Oct 03, 7: Sat, Jun 24, 3: True North Are you human?: Ones that sound like ass no matter what. Let’s exempt standards and obvious choices like the V30 and G12T because both have the ability to sound great or hideous, depending on the amp. Or budget combo units like the Celestion Rocket 50 and similar cheapies. Celestion G12M – dull, dark, undefined yet harsh. Similar to a G12T with special needs.

Celestion Sidewinder – not a lot of low end for a w speaker. Spikey and fatiguing with ultra stiff high end, likely due to the aluminum voice coil. I had 4 of these in my first 4×12 ages ago. Tried them again many years later and instantly remembered why I sold them. Hartke guitar drivers – unknown model name.

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Celestion 18″ speakers – to These are real heavyweights – cast iron frame, thick paper cone, and sturdy terminal board. Produced by Celestion for Vox .

You may compare these with your own speakers to determine what you have. Speakers are like ice cream; we all have our favorite taste. Some like strawberry while others like chocolate. What someone finds harsh can be beautiful sparkle to others. Speakers can have different frequency response depending on materials and construction design, like cone shape, magnet weight and coil size. New speakers will therefore sound different from vintage speakers.

There are of course exceptions to our preference of American speakers.


Luckily, breaking down some of the key features of various bluetooth speakers can you help you decide which device is best for you and what you’d like to do with it. Let’s take a look at some of the features that may or may not come with bluetooth speakers so you can decide what capabilities you’re looking for the most. If your speaker is going to be a staple in your home or used for events like parties, you might want to consider the style or look of the speaker.

Here’s a superb example of a Marshall 4×12 cab with all original appointments in I’d say excellent condition. T speakers are pre-Rola with all cones in beautiful condition. Doesn’t get better than this more pics upon request.

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Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker – REVIEW